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2015 09/03
What Does My Ticket Include?

People always wonder, what exactly does my ticket cover. We though it would be helpful to share a simple breakdown.


Full Conference (Friday & Saturday, Oct. 2-3)

Your ticket includes:

Plus the chance to win: 

  • 1 year of Creative Cloud – free
  • $500 General Assembly scholarship
  • 1 year of Skillshare – free
  • 50 Kern & Burn books
  • 50 Exposure accounts – free

Friday Ticket Only (No Saturday Conference, Oct 2)

Your ticket includes:

  • Coffee, juice & snacks
  • Facetime with top designers
  • General Assembly classes at a special rate
  • 3-month Skillshare Premium Membership – free
  • Exposure accounts at a special rate
  • Kern & Burn book discounts

Private Dropbox Dinner Event (Thursday) – Tickets for this event are invitation only. You can get invited by purchasing any ticket type before September 4 and chosen via raffle.

Your ticket includes:

  • All expenses paid dinner with both the Dropbox design team in NYC and TSH.
  • Drinks (21+)
  • Facetime with top designers


A major thank you to our awesome sponsors General Assembly, Skillshare, Salesforce, BehanceExposure, Kern & Burn, GOOD Magazine, Etsy, Avondale Type Co., & Dropbox.

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