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2015 07/21
Dropbox & TSH Invite-Only Dinner Event at Toro NYC Announced for Oct. 1

We’re excited to announce that TSH and the Dropbox design team will be holding a special intimate invite-only dinner Oct. 1, at Toro NYC before our conference Oct. 2 & 3, 2015.

Ticket holders who purchase before September 4 will be entered to win one of 25 spaces on the guest list.

Join Dropbox and TSH for a free dinner and drinks event, mingle with attendees and speakers and meet the team at Dropbox.

25 dinner invites will be raffled to ticket-holders who have purchased before September 1 (Extended to September 4), 2015. Ticket winners via social media at @secrethndshk.

Note, standard conference tickets will not get you into this dinner.

Get tickets now

A big thank you to our friends at Dropbox. About Toro NYC.

Ticket Winners:

Alicia Lo
Lisa Orye
Behnaz Babazadeh
Jermaine Barker
Katie Chern
Norman DeVeyra
Rannia Alcindor
Sam Balinghsay
Martyna Kalinska
Paul Searle
Claudio Quintana
Hailey Smith
Erin Fortenberry
Nicole Boettcher
Lucin Harriot
Mary Banas
Thamsie Maluzo
Elina Diaz
Vivien Park
Jamie Hallarn
Sam Campbell
Ellen Foster

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