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Author: Jason Schwartz
2015 09/11
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Alyxa Lease, Recruiter, Foursquare (@foursquare)


Alyxa Lease

Alyxa is a HR & Talent professional for Foursquare, based out of Soho, New York City.

She is passionate about cultivating and retaining top product and design talent for Foursquare. Previous to Foursquare, Alyxa worked at marketing tech startup, Sailthru.

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2015 09/11
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Aran Rhee, Salesforce UX (@salesforceUX)

Aran Rhee

Aran Rhee is a lead Product Designer at Salesforce, a cloud computing company that provides software services to help businesses communicate with their customers.

For over 15 years, Aran has worked in the creative, interactive, and software industries, holding positions such as UX Director, Systems Architect, Developer, and Industrial Designer. Time spent at ad agencies, software startups, and designing at enterprise scale has given him a hunger for solving design challenges.

Aran has managed to cultivate a unique accent through living in various countries, while old video games, cycling, and good coffee keep him smiling.

He is focused on improving Salesforce’s application platform and building the design team across various products

Keep up with all the good things Salesforce UX is doing:

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2015 09/03
What Does My Ticket Include?

People always wonder, what exactly does my ticket cover. We though it would be helpful to share a simple breakdown.


Full Conference (Friday & Saturday, Oct. 2-3)

Your ticket includes:

Plus the chance to win: 

  • 1 year of Creative Cloud – free
  • $500 General Assembly scholarship
  • 1 year of Skillshare – free
  • 50 Kern & Burn books
  • 50 Exposure accounts – free

Friday Ticket Only (No Saturday Conference, Oct 2)

Your ticket includes:

  • Coffee, juice & snacks
  • Facetime with top designers
  • General Assembly classes at a special rate
  • 3-month Skillshare Premium Membership – free
  • Exposure accounts at a special rate
  • Kern & Burn book discounts

Private Dropbox Dinner Event (Thursday) – Tickets for this event are invitation only. You can get invited by purchasing any ticket type before September 4 and chosen via raffle.

Your ticket includes:

  • All expenses paid dinner with both the Dropbox design team in NYC and TSH.
  • Drinks (21+)
  • Facetime with top designers


A major thank you to our awesome sponsors General Assembly, Skillshare, Salesforce, BehanceExposure, Kern & Burn, GOOD Magazine, Etsy, Avondale Type Co., & Dropbox.

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2015 08/25
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Ja Tecson, Photographer (@jatecson)

Ja Tecson

Ja Tecson is a photographer born and raised in Los Angeles. Having lived in a city ripe with culture, rich in art and filled with all slices of life, he developed a fascination with, and admiration for, the true essences of the people who surround him.

This distinct perspective has enabled him to be a medium for companies from various industries – Nike to Staple Pigeon, Heineken to Lululemon, Hypebeast to Stussy.

Ja believes in the power of a single frame, challenging himself to evoke the movement from each moment. He’s a constant student, evolving as an artist the best way he knows how – by taking strides outside his comfort zone. Find comfort in the discomfort. This way makes everyday an adventure and creates new avenues of thought; new ways to speak your own, unique voice. Being able to do that can be a key to creative bliss for any artist.

Check out Ja’s work @

Keep tabs on Ja:

Ja Tecson – Instagram
Ja Tecson – VSCO

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2015 08/10
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Kayla Kern, Illustrator & Designer (@kaylakern)


Kayla Kern

Kayla Kern is a Brooklyn based designer with a wonderfully relevant last name.

Specializing in print, Kayla has done work for The New School, Mike Perry Studio, Nylon Magazine, Anna Wolf Photography, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and Walker Art Center. 

Born from sunflowers and raised by sunshine, she brings a youthful spirit to her work with the perspective of a world that can still be young and fun. 

Check out Kayla’s work at

Follow Kayla Kern on Twitter at:


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2015 07/21
Dropbox & TSH Invite-Only Dinner Event at Toro NYC Announced for Oct. 1

We’re excited to announce that TSH and the Dropbox design team will be holding a special intimate invite-only dinner Oct. 1, at Toro NYC before our conference Oct. 2 & 3, 2015.

Ticket holders who purchase before September 4 will be entered to win one of 25 spaces on the guest list.

Join Dropbox and TSH for a free dinner and drinks event, mingle with attendees and speakers and meet the team at Dropbox.

25 dinner invites will be raffled to ticket-holders who have purchased before September 1 (Extended to September 4), 2015. Ticket winners via social media at @secrethndshk.

Note, standard conference tickets will not get you into this dinner.

Get tickets now

A big thank you to our friends at Dropbox. About Toro NYC.

Ticket Winners:

Alicia Lo
Lisa Orye
Behnaz Babazadeh
Jermaine Barker
Katie Chern
Norman DeVeyra
Rannia Alcindor
Sam Balinghsay
Martyna Kalinska
Paul Searle
Claudio Quintana
Hailey Smith
Erin Fortenberry
Nicole Boettcher
Lucin Harriot
Mary Banas
Thamsie Maluzo
Elina Diaz
Vivien Park
Jamie Hallarn
Sam Campbell
Ellen Foster

2015 07/16
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Lisa Smith, Head of Design at Wolff Olins (@lisadesignnyc)

Lisa Smith Head of Design Wolff Olins

Lisa is an award-winning Creative Director with expertise across a variety of design disciplines, from branding, print and advertising to exhibition design. After joining Wolff Olins in 2011, Lisa led the firms’ creative team in the execution of the highly acclaimed re-brand of USA Today garnering a coveted Silver Lion at the 2013 Cannes Lions Awards as well as a Fast Company Innovation by Design Award.

Lisa has worked across a range of categories that includes fashion, retail, hospitality, museums, law, healthcare and technology, for clients like Expedia, Microsoft, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wildlife Conservation Society, Nixon Peabody and Getty Images.

Before joining Wolff Olins, Lisa built her experience working for world-class clients. She spent five years with design consultancy Browns in London where she delivered award-winning work for Channel 4 — one of the UK’s top broadcasters — and worked on engagements for internationally renowned fashion designer Dries Van Noten, D&AD (Design & Art Direction), Magnum photographers Susan Meiselas and Bruce Gilden, and illustrator/artist Paul Davis.

Following Brown’s, Lisa worked for 2 years at the V&A, London’s largest museum of art and design where she helped develop and execute an end-to-end identity for the museum, including exhibition design. After relocating to New York 8 years ago, she joined Marque Creative where her clients included The Bon-Ton Stores Inc., Victor Alfaro, The Nolitan Hotel and Haunch of Venison.

Lisa is a high-energy, dynamic design leader with a strong vision and skill in inspiring
and motivating teams.

Follow Lisa Smith on Twitter here.

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2015 07/15
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Sharlene King, Senior Designer at Morningstar (@typodactyl)


Sharlene King

Sharlene is a Senior Designer at Morningstar, Inc. Sharlene is also the VP of programming for AIGA Chicago filling hearts with joy and anxiety. Her favorite design activity is education reform and introducing design to kids through the Adler Planetarium and Chicago Public Schools.

Sharlene happily avoids the “agency life” so she can have a life. She’s a budding animal behaviorist and terrifyingly accurate human behaviorist. She eats at least 2 pizza pies per week and according to Netflix, she likes “Visually Striking Prehistoric Science and Nature Documentaries for Ages 5-7” also known as dinosaurs.

Follow Sharlene on Twitter


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2015 07/14
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Jen Mussari of Ghostly Ferns (@jenmussari)

Jen Mussari

Jen Mussari is a jack of many trades and a master of a couple. A lettering artist from Philadelphia who fell in love with Baltimore, out of love with San Francisco and is now living in and loving Brooklyn.

She works from The Townhouse, a shared studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn with a wild group of other freelancers. When she’s not working, she is thinking about working. Her clients include Squarespace, Shopify, Target, the Lincoln Motor Company, and an all-girl motorcycle gang called The Miss-Fires.

Jen is also a part of the Brooklyn-based creative collective Ghostly Ferns.

Check out Jen Mussari’s Work here.

Follow Jen Online:

Twitter @jenmussari
Instagram @jenmussari

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2015 06/24
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Rafael Mojica (@mexikansan)

Rafael Mojica

Rafael Mojica is the Director of User Experience and Product at Transfix, an on-demand freight logistics marketplace in New York City.

After earning a BA in Mexico, Rafael moved to the states to pursue an MFA in Industrial Design. 

Since then, he has held different positions with Zappos, where he led the efforts to redesign the company’s inventory management systems; Gilt Groupe and, 1stdibs, where he managed the design process to transition the company into an e-commerce platform.

Rafael enjoys dealing with complex procedures, information architecture and diagraming everything that crosses his path.

Social Media:

Twitter @mexikansan

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2015 06/23
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Amy Woodside (@heyOKREAL)

Amy Woodside

Driven by an honest and courageous approach to life, Amy founded OKREAL as a resource for a modern community of women who are striving to define their own paths.

Hailing from New Zealand and based in New York City, Amy is a communicator who thrives on the connections between people.

Amy’s background spans the business and artistic realms of the creative industries. Previously to OKREAL, she worked as an artist, a writer, and a creative consultant. 

Check out OKREAL here.

Social Media:

Twitter @heyOKREAL

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2015 06/22
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Simone Noronha (@simonenoronha)

Simone Noronha

Originally form Dubai, Simone currently resides in New York where she works in illustration, branding, animation, print and interaction design at Franklyn.

She completed her MFA in Design Entrepreneurship at the School of Visual Arts where she learned to embrace the unknown with a big old hug.

Check out Simone’s work here.

Social Media:

Twitter @simonenoronha
Instagram @simonenoronha

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2015 06/11
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Shawna X (@shawnax)

Shawna X

Shawna X’s is a designer and illustrator currently working in NYC with roots in planted in both Chicago and Portland.

Her work is largely inspired by the way in which my imagination accents the world around us. I particularly enjoy exploring lighthearted themes from a curiously tabooed perspective. While she dabbles in many trades, she full-heartedly strive to live the wisdom from good ol’ Abe Lincoln, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Currently she is working in branding & product design at OKCupid, but is continuing to push her limits with freelance, shows & collaborations.

Check out Shawna’s amazing work here.

Social media:

Instagram- @shawnax
Twitter- @shawnax

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2015 06/10
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Ping Zhu (@pingzoo)

Ping Zhu

Ping Zhu is an illustrator based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She’s worked with a range of clients including the New York Times, New Yorker, Gap, Instagram, Wall Street Journal, Mykita, American Express, and Pushkin Press.

She also illustrates weekly columns for the Independent in London and is a visiting instructor at Pratt Institute. Her work has been recognized and exhibited by American Illustration, Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators, Somerset House and the Art Directors Club (Young Guns 11).

Check out her amazing illustration work here.

Social media:

Twitter- @pingszoo
Instagram- @pingszoo

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2015 06/09
NYC ’15 Speaker Announcement Sophia Chang (@esymai)

Sophia Chang

Sophia Chang hails from the borough of Queens, New York. An avid and energized spirit, active in the art & design community. She earned her BFA in Illustration at Parsons School of Design.

Sophia is a storyteller working in all mediums of creative matter, from printmaking, apparel, websites, graphic design, illustration, event planning, curation and more. In her spare time she enjoys frolicking through the park with her dog and giving him unconditional love.

Her current commissions include NYLON Magazine, GQ, Secret Walls, the NBA, UNDO Mag & Nixon Watches.

Sophia Chang Design & Illustration

Tickets for NYC Oct. 2-3 Available Now: Buy Tickets

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