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2015 04/03
TSH Is Excited To Announce Our 2015 Conference at the Art Directors Club in NYC October 2-3, 2015

TSH NYC 2015

TSH is excited to announce our 2015 Conference, a weekend of amazing speakers, inspiration, educational workshops October 2 & 3, 2015 at the Art Directors Club in NYC.

Our 2015 NYC conference page is now live where you can purchase tickets and learn more about the event later in the year. We will be announcing speakers one per week starting early Summer.

We are incredibly excited our 2015 partnership with the Art Directors Club for utilization of their absolutely stunning Manhattan facilities, a special discount to ADC Members as well as continued support. At this time we are also excited to announce our first Diamond Sponsor Etsy as well as our first in-kind sponsors, Avondale Type Co., Exposure, and Kern and Burn.

Earlybird tickets for both students and professionals are available immediately. We do expect tickets to entirely sell out before all speakers have been announced.

For additional information:
Press, Media & General Information

Jason Schwartz – Design & Marketing

Laura Helen Winn – Sponsorships

Kelly Knaga – Speakers

Jen Hansen – Event Logistics and General Information

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2014 07/09
San Francisco’s Laura Helen Winn Joins TSH As Co-Chair

Jason Schwartz and Laura Helen Winn


Pictured: Jason Schwartz & Laura Helen Winn, Co-Chairs of TSH in San Francisco Spring 2014.

We’re excited to announce that as of today, San Francisco’s Laura Helen Winn joins TSH in a co-chair role to lead the future of our brand with Jason Schwartz.

Jason and Laura have been working as co-chairs for the last year on Hike Conference, which will be slowing rolling (both the conference and the board) into TSH over the next few months. We couldn’t be more excited to have Laura on board.

A note from Laura:

“After working with Jason for over a year to create Hike Conference, I’m excited to announce that I’m joining TSH to create content for you year-round. We’re gearing up to bring you new articles, videos, and advice regularly. TSH is an incredible resource for beginners and I can’t wait to start contributing to its development. We’ve got an amazing team of volunteers and loads of fresh advice that we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks.

As designers, I believe that we’re stronger when we work together. We’re all better as a community when we help each other, and I feel so lucky to be part of it. Thank you for your continued support–we do all of this for you.”

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2014 04/02
Becoming A Digital Designer – Becky Rother

Becky Rother

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to a senior portfolio show at a local art school. It was an interesting experience being on the other side of the process as a potential employer rather than a student, and my colleagues and I had the opportunity to do a lot of talking about the state of graphic design programs in 2014.

Some quick background about me: I’m a mobile and web designer at a small development shop in Chicago. I’ve worked here for about a year and a half, and before this I bounced around at various startups and freelance roles – all in web or mobile design – since I graduated in 2010.

I never intended to be a web designer. When I started journalism school in 2006, I planned to be a newspaper page designer. I give the College of Communication, Information and Media at Ball State a lot of credit for being forward-thinking enough to teach us that design principles apply as much to digital work as they do in print. Going through the program, we were taught some basics of web and interaction design (although, sadly, in Flash), and we were encouraged to put our design portfolios online.

It’s because of this experience that, when I graduated in 2010, I wasn’t afraid to look beyond newspapers for career opportunities. Until recently, I didn’t feel that my undergrad experience was unique, but after talking to a few recent art school graduates and the seniors at the portfolio show, it seems like the prevalent opinion is that designing for the web or mobile devices involves actually writing the code for websites and apps.

This is simply not true.

While it’s great to understand the basics of how websites and apps are built, designers don’t need to be experts. Instead, focus on the exciting part of digital design, like animated gifs and the ability to affect your audience in a way print never could. Check out sites like Awwwards and UI Parade – opportunities for subtle details and animations are everywhere.

The fact is that where you end up may not be anywhere close to what you expect to be doing when you graduate. The visual design world is an exciting and quickly evolving place, and the most successful graduates will be the ones who embrace digital design trends. Nothing is more distressing than talking to new graduates who shut down when digital design opportunities are mentioned.

The blame doesn’t lie solely with students, of course. From the sounds of it, learning about web design in a graphic design program was unnecessarily difficult, with classes either focusing on development or bounded by prerequisites that made it impossible to get into classes. If this is true, it’s up to you as a student to seek out alternate ways to learn, either through online resources (Skillshare has some great classes), or give yourself mini projects to teach yourself.

Be open to new experiences, but don’t lose sight of the basics. A strong understanding of typography, color theory and spacial relationships are important no matter what type of design you end up in – there’s just a whole lot more opportunities out there for designers who understand the digital space.

Becky Rother

2012 11/21
Our Mission

Started in 2008, TSH is a career resource for student designers and young creatives looking for insider insight, honest answers and solid solutions to go pro.

We provide year-round advice online while we plan smaller local events in order to help as many young professionals as possible.

Our organization is led by Jason Schwartz, based in Chicago, IL & Laura Helen Winn, based in San Francisco, CA with an incredible team of support, volunteers and creatives around the world.



For additional needs you can contact the TSH Organizers.

Jen Hansen – Logistics & Volunteers
Kelly Knaga – Speakers & Conference Content
Laura Helen Winn – Sponsorships & Site Content
Jason Schwartz – Marketing & Financials

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